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Tarare is a libretto which was writen by Beaumarchais for a french public. Antonio Salieri composed the music in Paris. This opera is an excellent example of the difficulty to define the lyrical style in Europe at the end of the 18th century.

In 1787, Beaumarchais suggested the the rules of dramatic acting should be modified and realized this libretto after the polemical preface Aux Abonnées de l'Opéra qui voudraient aimer l'opéra. In his normal role of stage director, Beaumarchais exercised control over opera's musical parameters and stated his belief in the supremacy of words over music. Was Salieri too very willing ? This opera does have elements characterising the composer's style and it is necessary to propose a real reflexion on the exact relationship between the librettist Beaumarchais and the composer A. Salieri.

Laurine Quetin
Université de Tours
Tarare de Beaumarchais et Salieri : une collaboration efficace entre librettiste et compositeur