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This article focuses on the way Handel’s music has been used in film soundtracks. It investigates the reasons that have made this composer so special to film-makers, analysing in what way they have made ‘good use’ of his music. The first part of the paper aims at defining the tricky of notion of ‘popular classic.’ It then presents various perspectives in the ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ of some of Handel’s compositions in films, especially in historical movies. The final section of the article is devoted to various forms of anachronisms in the use of Handel’s music in the ‘seventh art.’
Haendel après Haendel :
Construction, renommée, influence de Haendel et de la figure haendélienne
Yaiza Bermúdes Cubas
Conservatorio Superior de Música de Badajos
Reflexiones de la música del Haendel en el cine : Música clásica o música popular ?